Rent a Band

Michael Gold and Jim Zimmerman
Michael Gold and Jim Zimmerman.
(photo by Susan West)

Need talent for a special performance? There’s a band for that—us!

I play with a roster of first-rate, creative jazz musicians who can be mixed and matched to make all kinds of interesting combos: sax-vibes duo, sax-bass-drums trio (no chords, but lots of music!), sax-piano-bass-drums quartet (classic jazz sound), and sax-vibes-piano-bass-drums quintet (a whole other thing).

We love to interpret the compositions of modern jazz artists such as Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans, Joe Henderson, Mulgrew Miller, Jerry Bergonzi, Larry Young, Jessica Williams, and Pat Metheny, to name a few. But really, we just love to play: bebop, bossas, ballads, standards, Latin, swing…

We can play cool background music for an intimate private party. And we can do the high-octane, get-’em-on-their-feet-mixing-and-dancing thing for more raucous special events.

Let’s explore the options and discuss the details. Please drop me an e-mail or give me a call at 415.205.6599.

We look forward to playing for you!